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October 19, 2013
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Halloween/Autumn Themed Sushi Dog Adopts [CLOSED] by witchpaws Halloween/Autumn Themed Sushi Dog Adopts [CLOSED] by witchpaws
To get into the spirit of Halloween, I made some fall themed sushi dogs!! This is an auction, you know how it goes~
Sushi dogs are a CLOSED species created by me.
:bulletpink:Starting bid: 100:points:/$1USD
:bulletpink:Minimum Increase: 100:points: or $1USD
:bulletpink:AB - N/A

-Please reply to the highest bidder in comments. Any bids outside of replies will be ignored.
-I expect payment within 24 hours or else you'll lose the adopt.
-Obviously, do not bid if you do not have funds readily available. -3-"
-You CAN combine points/paypal money! (:
-PLEASE DO NOT BACK OUT ONCE YOU BID; if you do (for whatever reason) you will not be allowed to bid in my next auction. uwu
-You can make minor changes in design if you win. I want to keep the designs mostly recognizable.
-Reselling is allowed for equal or lesser price than you paid for only.
-Do not bid if you are not okay with any of these conditions!!!

PS: Until I get comment threads going on the bids, will I hide comments that aren't bids to avoid too much clutter, sorry! ;3;

Auction ends 48 hours after the last bid, PER ADOPT.
(So the auction for one dog might end days before the rest ^^)
**Auction end date is liable to change according to me.

*current bid isn't always up to date--please be sure to double check for yourself!*

1. Candycorn -- WINNER: $22: :iconvespisia: {PAID}

2. Haunted  Pocky -- WINNER:  $36  :iconinky-kitsune: {PAID}

3.  Fortune Cookie -- WINNER: $30 :iconcheckered-crime: {PAID}

4. Candy Apple -- WINNER: $24:iconakaokami11: {PAID}

5.  Minty Spirit -- WINNER:  4500:points: :iconkwindom: {PAID}

6. Warm Cinnamon Apple Cider -- WINNER:  $20 :iconooanne-kakaoo:  {PAID}

sushi dogs (c) me
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To think how much these would go for now xD I'm so glad I got haunted pocky! If he was for auction now he'd easily be $200+ ;w; 
witchpaws Apr 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hahaha you're right, that's kind of scary to think about! xD Funny cuz he's the only one from this batch I've even seen used (besides Candy Apple til recently)
Omg their so cute! >w< <33
YiskaXIII Nov 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Love Haunted Pocky.
Nuttmegster Oct 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Love number six ;A;
They're all really cute c:
SCIFIJACKRABBIT Oct 25, 2013  Student Artist
the amount of cute is too much!!! I love the blue and black cloud(smoke?) one below it >uM
ahh omg what these are so cute!!! ;O;
OoAnne-KakaoO Oct 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I Bid 31$ on Haunted  Pocky
witchpaws Oct 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Please reply to *Inky-Kitsune's bid on this… or else your bid won't count
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