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Whew, finally finished this! x___x Should've done it a long time ago, but ah well, life got in the way.

This is a more updated version of my old ref sheet, which lacked a large amount of information.

The rarity features are now taking place as of February 2014. If you already have a Sushi Dog who has multiple rare features, well then, good for you! c:

Sushi Dogs are a CLOSED species, meaning you cannot make your own.
The only way to currently get one is through customs or auctions by me!

Dichotomy Chart:
Sushi Dog Dichotomy Chart by witchpaws



:bulletblue: Common -  Any feature in blue is available for customs, auctions, draw to adopts, and make-your-own Sushi Dogs (when open).
:bulletpurple: Rare - Purple features are harder to find in Sushi Dogs. These features are commonly found in Auction designs, or can be added to customs for additional costs.
:bulletpink: Very Rare - Pink features are extremely rare, and can only be obtained through auctions. These options are available to my close friends as well.



Sushi Dogs are small, shiba-like fairies that represent different types of food and drink from around the world.

Originating from Southeast Asian folklore, Sushi Dogs' purpose is to supply, purify, and guard food for human beings.
They derive from a mythological Shiba Inu spirit, Inekami (play on of "inekari" and "kami", meaning "new rice" and "god", respectively) who to guarded crops and helped feed poor villagers in Japan.
Inekami carried a big cloth sack on his back that was filled with rice that he would disperse to villages in need.
Eventually, people began worshipping Inekami as a god. He decided that he could put his powers to further use, and created smaller, less powerful dog spirits to help him out.

The smaller dogs, which people nicknamed "Sushi Dogs" due to their small, sushi roll-like size, spread all over the world, taking on the appearances of specific food and drink that appeal to them.
As time went on and food evolved, Sushi Dogs diverged from traditional Asian cuisine and started representing modern cuisine such as fast food and sweets.
Traditional Sushi Dogs usually have subdued palettes, while Modern ones usually have brighter colors.

Today, Sushi Dogs are viewed more as luxury pets rather than helpful spirits.



:bulletgreen: Closed eyes. Can be drawn in any expression, as long as they are SHUT COMPLETELY.
:bulletgreen: A colored bandana with a white swirl pattern.



1. Standard - A normal, single headed Sushi Dog with one personality.
2. Biheaded - A two headed Sushi Dog with two distinct personalities.
3. Cerberal - A three headed Sushi Dog with three distinct personalities.
4. Triptych - A rare mutation in which a Standard Sushi Dog splits itself into three smaller forms. All three Sushi Dogs retain the original personality, however.

Sushi Dogs range from 2" to 5" (5cm ~ 13cm) in width/height. They can fit in the palm of one's hand.
Triptychs tend to be the smallest, while Cerberals are the largest.



A Sushi Dog's cheeks is where they store their magical energy that they use for sight, casting magic, and traveling.
Most Sushi Dogs have circular, single-colored cheek pouches. Rare variations include shaped cheeks such as hearts, stars, and swirls, and even sometimes cheeks of two different colors!
A Sushi Dog who lacks cheek pouches is very unfortunate. They are physically and mentally weak, and very dependent on other Sushi Dogs and/or humans since they lack the crucial ability to store energy.

When Sushi Dogs are aggravated, they react similar to how a canine would -- crouch down, ears pinned back, ggrrrrwwoOLLLL
However, they also inflate their cheek pouches as a defensive mechanism to ward off whatever is frightening them.

If self-defense is necessary, they will release their magical energy to attack~
Sushi Dog magic can take the form of almost anything...whether their ability is casting fire magic to spitting sunflower seeds...I usually leave that up to the owner to decide! ^^

Standard and Triptych Sushi Dogs are limited to one magical ability each. Biheadeds can have two separate abilities, and Cerberals can have 3.

Also, please note that Sushi Dogs are goodly creatures and would NEVER attack unprovoked, no matter how "nasty" of an attitude one might have!



All Sushi Dogs wear bandanas that resemble Inekami's carrying sack.
However, the bananas serve no true purpose like Inekami's, except for visual appeal.
Bandanas are most commonly worn around the neck, but are often found on other areas of the body (especially in Modern Sushi Dogs)
Although the placement of the knot can be just about anywhere on the bandana, its size and the placement of the banana itself determines the rarity of a Sushi Dog.
Sushi Dogs who have long, flowing ribbons are sought after for their majestic appearance.



Ears are a factor of a Sushi Dog's personality.
The perkier the ears, the more outgoing or aggressive the Sushi Dog is.
On the other hand, folded ears = docile or shy.
Some Sushi Dogs also have fluffy ears, but it is uncommon.



Sushi Dogs have an incredibly wide range of tails.
The ones drawn are simply to describe length and general styles.
Tails can range from short and stubbly, to flowing and majestic. They can be super fluffy, or just a little bit fluffy.
They can curl, stand straight, drag along the ground....just about anything is possible!

Sushi Dog tails also tend to have swirled bits of fur, but not always.

Certain Tea Sushi Dogs have what is called a Floral Tail -- a flower tail that releases pleasant aromas of the tea it represents.
Flower Tea Sushi Dogs are always female, and are associated with healing. Many spas and cafes keep Flower Tea Sushi Dogs around for their calming effects.

With the boom of Modern Sushi Dogs, some pups develop special tails that tie in with their associated food. What a cute mutation!


Other Rare Features

Some Sushi Dogs are gifted with other animal companions. These companions are often edible delicacies, such as eel, squid, fish, crab, and types of bird.
The animal and the Sushi Dog are never split apart! Because of this, these Sushi Dogs may be more wary around humans.

On the other hand, Sushi Dogs with hairstyles/braids are very comfortable around humans. They grow out their fur and let humans style it for them.

Wings on Sushi Dogs assist in movement and are powered by magic.


Sushi Dogs are a closed species belonging to witchpaws
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WolfTheWarrior Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If anyone could answer that would be awesome~! But a tripatch soosh count as one or three sooshes with the same design? 
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Scientists REALLY need to sharpen up on their genetic engineering skills AND CREATE REAL, BREATHING, ALIVE SUSHI DOGS!
Hollowroot Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aaa one last question that someone brought to attention to me..
If a sushi has no cheek pouches, they would not be able to produce energy/magic, yeah?
So.. Would they be blind or have limited eye sight? O:
HersheyNation Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Digital Artist
I bought a MYO Sushi Dog slot a while ago and I just have a question about the bandanas...
I have been making sketches for what mine might look like and I was wonder if using a cape like Loki or Blueberry Sundae?
Patchykins Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Did you expect Sushi dogs to get as popular as they are now when you first posted this?
LooTou Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014
plz don't be one of those people that make points by making closed species. Make your points fair by adoptables and commissions.
not fair making people stopping doing a character that has no copyright
just because you said is a closed species doesn't mean i cant make one
not saying is bad but
no one cant tell me what to draw 
share this comment to all the closed species refs if you agree PEACE 
Squirrelflight1235 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Traditional Artist
These are witchpaws design so therefore you cannot draw them and claim as your idea 
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Well, according to copyright law, she DOES have a copyright. Copyright isn't something you officially apply for; the law simply states that anything original that is tangible (the drawing, for example) is under federal copyright to the owner. There you have it.
PolarbearToxicDeath Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014  Student General Artist
Uhm, I'm sorry you feel that way, but most of these people make a living off of art, and their creative species. I also think it encourages young artists, such as myself, to work toward things like this and helps them realize you can make a living off what you love to do.

Please, don't be an asshole and just stop spamming this, thank you.
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a) no one cares
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