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November 18, 2012
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Seltsam Reference by witchpaws Seltsam Reference by witchpaws

Currently in the process of updating all my character references. Seltsam's definitely needed some tweakings. xD
I noticed that a lot of people draw him without his accessories, BUT THEY ARE NOT OPTIONAL. Read his backstory below to find out why!!

Seltsam is NOT my fursona--he is just my main OC/mascot ^u^

Age: 2.5 dog years (17 human years)
Birthday: July 26
Sexuality: Bisexual, biromantic.
Personality: Loyal, natural born leader, a bit arrogant, can be cynical/sarcastic, deeply protective of those he is closest to.
Enjoys: Sailing, eating fish, tying knots, helping others, showing off.
Dislikes: Serious conflict, snobby/ungrateful people, storms.

Seltsam's Story

Seltsam was raised in a pleasant European seaside town called Indslev.
When he was a young puppy, a violent thunderstorm hit the village.
Seltsam's mother, a street dog, tried to protect her litter of 8, but unfortunately the winds were just too strong.
Seltsam did his best to get his brothers and sisters to safety, but he got swept away by the gusts in the process and blacked out.
Later, Seltsam was found by a young fisherman named Wynn, who looked after him.
"Ya poor thing, I can't imagine what would've happened ta ya had I not found you wedged in between my fish crates!" Wynn would always remind Seltsam.
They did everything together and became inseparable.
Wynn even took the young puppy along his fishing trips with other men on their big wooden ships.
Seltsam was very well-behaved on the fishing trips; he loved the chilly ocean breeze and the smell of saltwater that splashed all around.
Wynn thought it was very peculiar for a dog to take such a liking to the sea; most dogs were afraid of being on ships.
"You're such a strange dog," he'd always tell Seltsam with a big goofy grin.
So, Wynn gave the dog the name "Seltsam" (pronounced SELT-sum.....German for "strange"), a word that he'd picked up while trading goods with foreigners.
Wynn, who also had a passion for ocean adventures, decided to venture out one night in his own small rowboat despite storm warnings from the villagers.
Seltsam whined nervously when Wynn untied the boat from the dock. He had a bad feeling about this, but he couldn't leave his best friend alone.
Wynn and Seltsam sailed out quite a few miles from the shores of Indslev, when the sky darkened and the waves started worsening.
Thunder rang out, and Wynn knew it was too dangerous to continue in their little boat. Seltsam felt relieved, but only for a moment....
Right as Wynn turned the boat around to go back, a monstrous wave swept under the wooden rowboat.
Seltsam braced himself under a plank seat, but Wynn had no time to brace himself.
He went flying out of the boat and came crashing down with a splash into the dark ocean water.
Seltsam panicked; Wynn had just surfaced and was gasping for help.
"Selt....Seltsam! Help!"
Wynn's eyes teared with desperation as his limbs flailed in a vain attempt to keep afloat.
Seltsam looked at his struggling best friend and noticed a huge gash bleeding profusely across his forehead.
The terrified shiba inu dove in after Wynn, but the waves kept knocking him further and further away.
Seltsam's hope was draining, and so was Wynn's life.
Wynn's head went underwater, and didn't come back up.
"No no no no no," thought Seltsam, barking and whining, trying to call out to Wynn.
But Wynn never resurfaced.
Seltsam kept diving under the water trying to find Wynn, but the water was too dark, and the waves too strong.
He was gone, and there was nothing Seltsam could do.
After a while, Seltsam saw Wynn's captain hat, goggles, and scarf surface from the depths of where his friend had sunk.....
Without thinking, he swam over to them, grabbed them with his mouth, and just started swimming....
and swimming....
without looking back.
Seltsam woke up a few days later, washed up alongside a sandbar.
His vision was blurry, he couldn't feel any of his limbs.
Then he remembered.
Seltsam whined out in heartbreak, mourning for his best friend.

"It's all my fault that he died.
I couldn't save him."....

Ignoring his broken body, Seltsam shakingly pulled himself onto all fours.
Wynn's clothing, the only thing Seltsam had left, sat on the sand in front of him.
Seltsam wrapped the purple scarf around his neck, and nudged the hat and goggles onto his head.
What would he do now?
He lost everything....his family, his only friend....
There was only one thing to do: walk forward.


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MegasArtsAndCrafts Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ooo may I ask how tall Seltsam is? ;v;
I just saw this character for sale..
And. it basically looks like Seltsam.. > .<

I'm not sure if it'll be gone by the time you see it, since I reported it. ; v ;

Sailor cutie by Crazypanda2014
Crazypanda2014 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Really? I'm sorry if it looks a lot like it I'll take it down. I was selling it for a friend from another site sense she dosn't have a da but if she stole it I sincerely apologies.  
Neko-the-Bumblecat Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014
Yeah. ; v ;
The colors are definitely similar, including the design.
I think it's best to take it down, to avoid any trouble. > . <
Crazypanda2014 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
I did thanks so much for telling me :3 
xxxHUSKYPUPxxx Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
He is really cute but has a sad story.
Maria-the-pony Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Really cute!
snowpony9177 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014
Such a sad back story and Seltsam was such a brave dog on moving forward. I salute you! Salute Emoticon 
petcollie Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I might just have to do fan art 
Paintsplattersartist Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just realized my birthday is a day after Seltsam's and where I'm at today is his birthday XD HAPPY BIRTHDAY SELTSAM
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