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January 7


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Hi all! (:
Normally I try to avoid bringing up conflict publicly to all my watchers,
but I just kinda feel like this is something that needs to be said, speaking as both an artist and a human being!

There was a small issue today regarding me and my species "Sushi Dogs".
(Some of you may have witnessed it, but I am definitely not going to link to it, as that is not the point of this journal)

A couple of users on here made polls and journals about how people who make "closed/original species" are:
-And my personal favorite, "destroying the freedom of creativity".

Note: In the poll, Although my name was not mentioned directly at first, my username as well as the terms "Sushi Dogs" and "dogs with food and bandanas slapped onto them" were brought up numerous times by both the original poster, as well as commenters, in the comments sections. Both postings were very clearly directed negatively towards me in particular, but also many other artists on here who make original species.

Anyways, these people were saying how legally, a species cannot be legally "copyrighted".
For instance, someone could directly copy every single one of my Sushi Dogs designs, sell them, and not get penalized for it, because designs can't be copyrighted.
People were attacking me saying that my ideas are completely unoriginal, and were even taunting me by saying that they could/wanted to go make Sushi Dogs that look exactly like mine because "I don't own the idea".

And to some degree, they're right. I can't copyright the Sushi Dog species.
I do not have legal rights to food themed-adopts, sushi, dogs in general, or swirl-patterned bandanas, obviously.

But, unlike what many people think, I do not "hunt down" people and yell at them if their adopt looks even SLIGHTLY like a Sushi Dog ^^;

Because I am aware that I am not the first, nor the last, to make Japanese food-inspired canines, and I certainly never claimed to be to begin with. :)

People can make their own ripoff "Sushi Dogs", and there would be absolutely nothing I could do except maybe perhaps kindly ask them to tweak the design a bit or take it down. If they didn't, I would just move on and not make a huge fuss out of it, because let's face it--this is deviantart, for crying out loud. It's not worth it.


There are things called respect and human decency.
Just because you can and have the right to, doesn't always mean you should.

When someone decides to completely disrespect me as an artist and say "Hey, you know what, f*ck witchpaws, I'm gonna make all my characters look exactly like hers and sell them for 95% cheaper than she does!",
I don't think they realize that I make a living off of my art and designs. Art is my only source of income, but it's enough to get me by.
When people do this, or point fingers at me calling me "greedy" for selling my designs, it truly hurts me.
I have to pay for my own food, phone bill, college tuition, car, gas, adds up VERY quickly per month!

To quote someone who was talking about Sushi Dogs: "I might make my own, Im not going to pay 100 dollars for a design, jezus. NOT EVERYONE IS RICH."
They are right--not everyone can afford to spend lots of money on adopts or artwork in general.
But it is still very inconsiderate, especially to those who have already fairly paid money for artwork and designs.

By copying another person on purpose, you are depriving them of income due to your lack of respect.

Like I said before, I do not own the rights to any one concept or design...but neither do you, or anyone else on here.
We should all be respectful of each other's designs and artwork.
And just remember, while some of you might design just for fun, some of us do it for a living! c;

Thanks for reading, and I hope that this journal is fair to both sides of the argument. (: Any hidden comments are just rude people who clearly did not read the journal.
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GoldstarXD Mar 30, 2014  New member Hobbyist
:thumbsup: to u :)
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TamilaB Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
In the end, like i have always said, when you become more popular you are bound to receive love and hate and there is just nothing you can do about that. Just look at every popular person in the world, not every one likes them. I know it can be frustrating sometimes to just let haters go on about hating you or others but, there is really not much you can do about it. If I were you i would just not pay attention to those people because it will never do you any good and it is not necessary. 
And even if you succeed in making them stop hating or saying crap about you, there will just be new people saying new crap about something else you do, trust me. 
All I'm saying is, don't waste your energy on this and just... Do what you feel is right XD 
There will always be people who hate you because they are jealous or because you don't think exactly like them and so on... 
And, I'll say it again, it only means that you are just an amazing artist and that your skills have made you popular enough to have both love and hate from people! :P
<3 So, stop giving a fuck lol and keep make amazing art for the ones who love it and not for the ones who hate it <3
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